Saturday 28th January 2017

Ok well its my first blog and 1st of i would like to say that i got the inspiration from Zoellas Girl Online books so well done her….Ok well next since its my 1st blog im going to say please enjoy this blog dont comment hates and last please follow 🙂

Right guys lets get to the point my titles wont always bee that boring so yeah.

Ok well today i was just walking up the stairs and guess what i saw a weird blank long big bug i screamed so we have been hiding out in my room for the past 3 hours omg btw i say we but that means me and GIGI who is my bestie but of course thats not her real name because this is an anonymous blog.Ok back to the point i am going to add a link about the bugs and you can go check it out :). My Mind is switching off 4 now but it will be on again tomorrow:)